Myshak Spyder Crane Mini Cawler

Spyder Crane Mini Crawler

  • Can be used in restricted and confined working spaces, where other cranes are unable to navigate
  • Provide excellent lifting capacity, maneuverability and versatility in compact designs
  • Standared fully functional radio remote and advanced safety features make Spydercranes easy-t0-operate
  • Simple centrally located infinitely-variable contrls allow for multiple fuctions simultaneously
  • Significant advantages over the standard carry-deck and overhead cranes, includes superior maneuverability and versatility in tight spaces
  • One of the leading manufacturers in Japan, established in 1946
  • No special training or licenses are required to operate in most areas
  • Loads can only be lifted when the outriggers are deployed and machine leveled
  • Adjustable outriggers legs allw the crane to be leveled on uneven ground

For more details on the Spydercrane Mini Crawler please view our Spydercrane pdf

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